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Nostalgia rims: Enkei Wheels

Wheel Wednesday: Enkei Performance wheels.

If you’re part of a younger generation you will remember the joy one had when you could customise things in your car in the game Gran-Turismo. The second generation of the game gave users the option to change the wheels on their car, a function that promoted many real brands of that time. One of the brands you could fit on your virtual car, was a brand called Enkei. This has been and still is a world renown brand for after-market performance wheels.

Now that those who played Gran Turismo 2 are at an age to be racing real cars now, it’s good to know that they can fit those rims in their real cars. The Enkei range is diverse but all the wheels have the same objective, being lightweight and strong. The brand supply wheels for many disciplines in racing, including Formula 1 too, as the supplier for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ F1 cars since 1995.

Enkei wheels are made of Aluminium for different types of racing and Magnesium for their F1 wheels. Their wheels can be seen in various colours too such as grey, black and white. Enkei wheels are also available for larger cars such as SUV’s and Bakkie’s, so even if you’re not going to be racing, your car can still look good. Like the game Gran Turismo itself, the brand Enkei has been delivering high quality products for years. Whether you’ve been racing with these wheels in real life or in a game, getting a set of these can make for quite a nostalgic purchase. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists.


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Wheel Wednesday: Toyo Proxes R1R Tyres

The celebration of driving sideways is something very welcomed by the team at TheMotorist. In fact, the sport of going sideways should be something welcomed by most car lovers. What’s not joyous about controlling a car sliding around a bend? There is a certain satisfaction about getting it right, most times you will spin, other times you will crash and that is why you need to make sure that you are very far away from harms way. One of the biggest downfalls with drifting is the cost, specifically the cost of tyres. As we all know, tyres aren’t cheap, especially if they are good quality. So if you’re looking to get into the sport of drifting, make sure you have a large budget or a generous benefactor. It’s good to know that companies like Toyo Tyres make tyres like the  Proxes R1R. This tyre is designed to withstand getting thrashed around bends and endure many laps around the track. It is definitely one of the tyres preferred by many drifters and it has had many positive reviews. So if you are thinking about mastering the art of sideways driving, the Toyo Proxes R1R’s are a set to consider. Happy Wheel Wednesday.

Wheel Wednesday: Pink Valve Caps for Cancer

I’m sure we’ve all seen those artsy types that wear colourful socks? You know, those green ones with yellow Polka dots. I knew a man who loved dressing this way, even in a suit. He was a very serious person, grey suit, white shirt, black tie and shoes. As he walked though, yellow, pink or baby blue socks could be seen, screaming at you saying “look at me”. I decided to ask him why he chose to wear such loud socks and he’s reply was simple, “it makes me happy” he said. Such a simple reply and yet very profound. This man didn’t worry about what others deemed fashionable, as long as it brought joy to his heart, he was happy to dress in a way he felt was right. Some are nervous of the thought of standing out, even if they like brightly coloured socks because it reminds them of their childhood, they would rather choose stick to the greys and blacks because it’s the “normal” thing to do.

For those who want to stand out but are on the shyer side of life, you have a unique opportunity. Bridgestone have partnered with an initiative called Pink Drive which is an awareness campaign for breast cancer. If you go to a Supa Quick around the country, you will be able to purchase a set of pink valve caps for your wheels for a mere R50. That money will be donated by Bridgestone to the Pink Drive institute to go toward the mobile mammogram units which assist to detect breast cancer in men and women. Bridgestone has put it’s money where it’s mouth is by already donating R1 000 000 toward the initiative,  so in the month of October, go to a Supa Quick store, get a set of pink valve caps. When someone asks you why your valve caps are pink, tell them it makes you happy.

Wheel Wednesday: Rays Gram lights wheels

Wheels you would leave your wife for?

Okay maybe not your wife, but possibly your girlfriend? I mean let’s be honest, line up your girlfriends photo with the picture above and tell me which one you look at for the longest. If you say your girlfriend then keep her close, she must be a looker.

So who makes these wonderful pieces of spinning art? Well that would be the Japanese company “Rays wheels” who also go by the name of “Volk Racing”. They make a wide range of wheels, forged and cast. There a few sets I cannot get enough of, the “Gram lights” (57JX, 57D, 57DR, 57C6). These wheels are very popular in the drifting scene, you will most likely see a few sets in the World Drifting Championships.

I just love the thick alloy design and colour variations, I mean how many other wheel manufacturers offer blue, luminous pink and yellow? Of course it won’t suit all cars, yellow wheels on my BMW 1 series wouldn’t look great, but on a black Rx7….hmm. They also do offer more sensible colours, such as black and gun metal grey. Happy Wheel Wednesday.

Rays Gram lights


Wheel Wednesday: Domingo Mags

In America, Domingo’s is synonymous with pizza but to a South African car lover, a totally different dish comes to mind. The dish that comes to mind here is a “Deep Dish”, which has nothing to do with food and everything to do with wheels. If you’ve ever watched the show “Cake Boss”, that’s exactly how I imagine the atmosphere in Domingo Mags to be. An authentic family business that is based on passion, pride and good ol laughs, I’m sure fights as well. From shiny Alfa Romero’s to fancy supercars, Domingo Mags has a set of wheels for you. I’m a lover of all things real and that’s the feeling you get when you’re at the store, real car guys, we need more of that in South Africa.


Domingo Mags is the largest South African importer of a Japanese wheel company called Work Wheels. These are premium wheels aimed at the high end segment. Cars like Nissan GTR’s, BMW M4’s and more have been seen donning a set overseas and locally, so if you want a set there’s only one place to go and that’s on Mint Street in Fordsburg. The Domingo family have been in the car game for a very long time now so they know their story. They can tell you all about professional racing which they were heavily involved in for many decades. I get all nostalgic when I hear stories of families like these because growing up, my brother and my motoring influences came from grandfathers and uncles who helped pave the way for our passions too.  I salute you Domingo Mags for representing petrol-heads in South Africa so gracefully. Happy Wheel Wednesday.


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Wheel Wednesday: Carbon (Fibre) Revolution

Wheel Wednesday: Carbon Revolution

Carbon fibre has long been used by car manufacturers to make vehicles lighter because a lighter car is essentially a faster car. Carbon Fibre has also created very interesting pub conversations for people who own cars that have the material in their cars. You know the person I am referring to, the guy who wears sailing shirts with all sorts of paraphernalia written on it. Our overly tanned friend that races on weekends even though his only been on the track once. Yes Carbon Fibre has great bragging rights in the car world, whether its a diffuser, mirror covers or a spoiler. Now my Carbon lovers have even more to brag about, Carbon Fibre rims. This concept makes sense because wheels play a very important aspect in the dynamics of a car and a Carbon Fibre wheel can make a huge difference. This is for two reasons, strength and weight. Carbon Fibre is a very strong material and it is extremely light too, so if you have Carbon Fibre rims this can increase performance and add to the dynamics of your car. Carbon Revolution allows you to do that, they offer a one piece Carbon Fibre wheel that does all of the above and apparently their the only guys in the world doing it. I think that’s worth a feature on Wheel Wednesday don’t you? Pity their all the way in Australia. So if you want to shave off lap times by just changing your wheels, given them a call or have a look at their website. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists!


Wheel Wednesday: Vossen CVT wheels

Wheel Wednesday

Hypothetically, if I was part of the mob or some sort of underground movement, I would need a car that correlates with my image. Have you ever seen a gangster driving around in a Mini or even a Prius? No the car would not match the job. There’s a reason why cars like the Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 series and Maserati Quattroporte are the right fit for people in such positions. Those cars represent power, status and money. The only problem is that those cars are also liked by big businessmen for the same reasons. So gangsters have to differentiate themselves from these men and women, I mean which gangster would like to be mistaken for the CEO of a bank? So how does someone of the underworld do this? Perhaps a change of wheels. Yes, but not just any wheel, it needs to be something expensive and high end, perhaps even gold. Well if you’re a gangster reading this, budding or professional, I have great news for you. The Vossen CVT wheel is here to fulfil your needs. With a hefty price tag and excellent build quality, your rivals won’t know what hit them, unless its one of your men with a phone book, then it’s a different story. Seriously though, the Vossen CVT is a good looking wheel, even if I have to say so myself and the most gangster I get is when a Drake song comes on in the car. This wheel looks so good, it makes for a fitting Wheel Wednesday feature, so there you go. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists.

Vossen CVT

Wheel Wednesday: Pirelli Trofeo R

Wheel Wednesday: Pirelli Trofeo R

There are certain institutions which specialise in doing something very well. For instance, Mercedes is synonymous with comfort and BMW with driving dynamics. Volkswagen and Toyota are known for reliability and Woolworths is known for doing…well everything well. Except for their cashiers, you can never get a smile out of those people. On second thought, I’m thinking of Checkers sorry, forgive me Woolies. Well there are certain companies out there that specialise in taking a piece of rubber and creating something that enables your car to take you from point A to point B. I’m talking about the tyre boys and girls and what may seem to be something simple, is actually very complex. Who would have thought that a marking here and a groove there could make your car brake better, steer better and even perform better. Pirelli obviously knows the tricks to the trade because they have a designed a fantastic tyre called the Pirelli Trofeo R. This tyre has given car enthusiasts more to talk about than the BBC has about the new royal baby.

Is it really that good though? If so what makes it any different to other performance tyres? To answer those questions I would say yes and according to Pirelli, the reason is because of the tread pattern and lack of highly aromatic oils. I’m sorry what? Last I checked an aromatic oil is what was rubbed on my back at the physio, but when it comes to tyres it’s something different. In fact is it a bad thing, nothing great smelling about highly aromatic oils. Apparently this oil is very bad for nature and can even be harmful to animals and have carcinogenic effects. I guess you learn every day. Well the Pirelli Trofeo R does not have this oil in it, which is good, but how does that make it a better performance tyre? It doesn’t. The tyre has actually been designed for track use and is able to withstand a great amount of thrashing so it wears better as well. So if you’re want to go faster on the track, get your hands on a set of these puppies. If you don’t believe a word I’ve just said, watch Chris Harris from “Chris Harris on Cars” prove me right. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists

Wheel Wednesday: ADV.1 Wheels

Wheel Wednesday

If Mr. Gatsby was a real person and lived in our era, there are certain things I’m sure he would have enjoyed. I can imagine this scenario in my head already. He would wake up in the morning and drink coffee that was sourced from the blue mountains in Jamaica, take a shower and apply some creme da le mer to his face, proceed to put on his Zegna suit and last but not least, he would go for a drive in his BMW I8. The reason why I say a BMW I8 is purely because it’s so different looking on the road, it oozes great amounts of exclusivity, it has new age Gatsby written all over it. I forgot to mention, the I8 Mr. Gatsby would be driving, would be no ordinary one, it would be riding on a set of ADV.1 wheels. You see ADV.1 is a company that prides itself to catering for the “high end enthusiast”, now if that statement doesn’t make you want to throw your millions (real or imaginary) at them, I don’t know what will.

Yes, ADV.1 is a boutique wheel maker, which is focused on designing original high quality wheels, for high quality cars. If you look at the cars that have a set of theirs on, its always something quite special. I think it’s good that you still get companies out there like this, companies that aren’t afraid to say that their products are for a specific type of person. In this day and age, most car manufacturers are trying to please everyone, but it’s nice that you can still individualise your car if you want to, and do it right at that. The wheel that I’m particularly fond of is the 15R wheel, its a classic design with a twist. What I like about it is the simplicity behind the design, when you put a set of wheels on a premium car, you need to do in such a way that you don’t look like someone who just signed a record deal. I can’t seem to find a price for these wheels unfortunately since the ADV.1 website asks me to request a quote. Although If I was about to buy a set, I wouldn’t be asking for the price would I? The good news is that you can get a set in South Africa by the sellers of all things nice, the Daytona group. This makes sense to me because whilst you buy an Aston Martin, Rolls Royce or BMW, you might as well get you Gatsby on and compliment your purchase with a set of ADV.1’s. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists.


Wheel Wednesday: HRE Performance Wheels


Wheel Wednesday: HRE Performance wheels

If you thought aftermarket wheels were just for looking cool, think again. If you thought performance wheels were just for reducing weight, think again. If you want wheels that look good and save weight on your car, look no further and say hello to HRE Wheels. We live in a custom world, I mean you can have most things the way YOU want them nowadays. So why can’t I have custom wheels too? HRE does just that, they have a “built to order” facility which is neat, but obviously comes at a price. They do racing, luxury or performance wheels, so whether you’re a car enthusiast or a nightcrawler looking for attention, they can put something together for you. What I would like to talk about are the P106’s, a wheel built for speed. It is lightweight and strong so you can comfortably put them on your…let’s say Porsche 911 GT3 and they won’t ruin the ride. Instead HRE claims the rims will improve cornering and breaking too, with a lifetime structural warranty they must be really confident in their product. Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists