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Is the BMW 8 Series Concept the best looking BMW ever?

BMW 8 Series Concept

BMW 8 Series and M8 Concept

Any BMW collection worth its weight in myrrh has to consist of at least one 8 Series, in whichever shape or form. 840Ci’s are of course the more common one’s while 850CSi’s are just about as rare as a ham sandwich at a Jewish wedding. Regardless of derivative, though, the 8 Series is as timeless as ever and is heralded by many as one of the greatest BMW’s ever built, nearly thirty years on.

Designed using CAD, as well as being the first car to feature CAN bus – now an industry standard – the BMW 8 Series was somewhat of a technical masterpiece. It was also BMW’s first car to make use of a multi-link rear axle and the first road car to offer a V12 mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The 8 Series was the cream of the BMW crop and their flagship model, ad obviously we have been waiting with bated breath since its production ceased in 1999 for a successor…

Few things could have prepared the world, then, for the unveiling of the BMW 8 Series Concept, first shown to the public at the Oscars of the car world, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Sure we were teased with the silver squiggle in the dark you see below, but that squiggle didn’t allude to the fact that this car is properly beautiful. While this isn’t the finished product, one can expect the production version to look very similar with this now ushering in a new era in BMW’s design language.

No word yet on motors but we do know that it shares its chassis architecture with both the G30 5 Series and G11 7 Series which means it can be fitted with anything from a 2.0-litre 4-pot to a 6.6-litre V12, delicious. We also know that 825, 830, 835, 845 and 850 have all been trademarked by BMW, so kudos to you if you can figure out how those numbers correlate to displacement. Clue: they don’t.

Aimed square at the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, BMW have done a good job in avoiding what Mercedes-Benz did – make a 2-door S-Class. They could have easily made a 2-door 7 Series but instead, what we have been presented with is an automotive icon, reborn.

Production is set to start soon, so brace yourselves for the most beautiful and expensive BMW, ever.
Now watch this video and feel the goosebumps.

But wait, there’s more! Is the prospect of a big BMW Coupé not enough for you? Are you rearing to get your wallowy, fat aunt into those running shoes that she probably be wearing at all? Well then the upcoming BMW M8 is just what you need! This is exciting stuff as there has never been a production M8. Initially, BMW intended on putting the E31 M8 into production as a Ferrari competitor. Unfortunately, this was a project which never made its way into showrooms. They made one and it sported 410 kW from its modified S70 V12, a version of the M70 V12 that had been bored out from 5.0-litres to 5.6-litres.

Fast forward a decade and a bit and the M8 is back and nearly ready for production!

Likely to have more than 450 kW from the very same S63 4.4-litre unit found in the new M5, it’s set to be the fastest ever BMW road car. It doesn’t sound half bad either, with BMW clearly listening to fans who have bemoaned the current M Range’s raspy exhaust notes. Uprated brakes and suspension are obvious additions, as well as slicker aero all-round the car. Are you excited, because goodness gracious are we!

The Future Of Mercedes-Benz Design: A-Class Sedan Concept

South African Car News: A-Class Sedan concept

The A-Class Sedan Concept was shown off at the latest Automotive show in Shanghai recently. It gives us an insight into the future design language of Mercedes-Benz.

Straight off the bat, the A Class Concept looks very much like a smooth and streamlined CLA. It’s not that much different in terms of size either, at 4750mm long 1870 wide and 1462mm high, this concept A-Class is a little shorter than the current CLA but also wider and taller.

Mercedes Chief Design Offer, Gordan Wagener says that “ The time for creases is over” which means we can expect all Mercedes-Benz vehicles to follow a very similar design theme. The compact vehicle segment for Mercedes is proving to be a vital part of their business having sold over 2 Million compact cars since 2012.

Personally, I think the front end of the vehicle looks great. Its striking, streamlined and aggressive. The rear on the other hand is definitely much smoother but it’s still very “CLA”. I would expect a little more imagination for a concept vehicle. Overall, the proportions of the A-Class Concept look much better and I’m sure an AMG version of this would be very mighty and an absolute stunner on the road.

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The Future Is Electric: Audi E-Tron Sportback Revealed

Audi is starting to take electricity very seriously: Audi E-Tron Sportback revealed.

Manufacturers fascination with electricity was not just a phase, it’s happening and getting better and better. So much so Audi plans to launch five electric cars in the next five years. Yikes. The one everyone is talking about now is the Audi E-Tron Sportback, a sleek looking electric crossover of sorts. We know concept cars rarely look the same when going into production but Audi has surprised us before. The R8 for instance looks a great deal like the concept car it came from. If that’s going to be the case with the E-Tron Sportback, we’ll be in for a visual treat. The car looks very space age, almost like the it came out the movie Tron.

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It will be powered by a 95kWh battery with a predicted range of approximately 500km. So imagine being able to make it to Pietermaritzburg in your E-Tron Sportback? The trip won’t be a boring one too as the car will be able to do 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds. That’s properly quick for a car that’s going to be silent, or any car for that matter. Of course the main target market for a car like this in China, as electric cars are booming that side. For us South Africans however we may wait a while until this car comes our side. Thankfully the likes of BMW and Nissan have paved the way, so by the time fully electric Audi’s come this side we may have the infrastructure we need.  


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Why the Toyota Hilux TRD prototype would be a major seller in South Africa

The bakkie market in South Africa has undoubtedly got a very loyal fan base. Month in and month out there are thousands of pick-ups sold in the country, with the two biggest competing brands being Ford and Toyota. Ford has risen to the top recently because not only is their offering very capable, the Ranger also looks very good. It’s the closest South Africans can get to a hardcore looking truck without paying the premium of importing something like a Dodge Ram. In fact I personally know people who have bought the Ford Ranger purely based on its looks. Most of them have probably not even used low range on their cars but as long as they look the part, their happy. Some have even taken their Fords to another level by adding the infamous Raptor kit, making it even more menacing in appearance.


The ruggedness of the Ford Ranger Wildtrack is something the Toyota Hilux is missing. The Hilux is a pretty car but note the use of the word pretty, something that shouldn’t be said of a bakkie. What the Hilux needed in South Africa was the look of the Hilux TRD prototype that was revealed two years ago in Bangkok. This Hilux is what our market needs because it looks fantastic. Flared wheel arches, a larger and more aggressive bumper and tasteful bits in black make for an aesthetically pleasing look. To add to that, there is black side skirting on the car and red stickers on the bonnet and on the side of the vehicle. The reason why this car would do well in the country is because the traditional bakkie buyer is not the only person interested in this type of vehicle nowadays.


The traditional buyer is one that is looking for quality and reliability, something Toyota has gotten right over the years. Generally, these buyers will use their cars on various terrains and the cars will be used to their full capacity. The newer bakkie buyer though is generally more lifestyle based, so the car needs to work well for a weekend getaway whilst doing a good job as a normal daily drive. As a result, aesthetic appeal has become of significant importance for many buyers hence the success of the Ford Ranger. If the Toyota Hilux TRD were to come into production and was sold in South Africa, it would be a great answer to the Ford. The merger of the reliable nameplate coupled with some amazing looks would make for a very appealing product. The question then is will Toyota make this rugged machine? If so our Toyota lovers would be very pleased. Especially since the range already sells a boat load every month.




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