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BMW M2 CS confirmed for South Africa

With BMW going FWD and adopting giant grills over driving thrills, the thought of getting your hands on a driver-focused RWD BMW may appeal to you a heck of a lot more now. The most hardcore BMW M2 ever, the M2 CS confirming 28 units for our shores it’s pretty easy to remind yourself why we’ll miss old school BMW’s.

2021 BMW M2 CS Specs

Powered by the same revised version of the S55 engine as the larger M4 CS light-weight brawler, with power rated at 331kW and 550Nm. The option of a 6-Speed manual or 7-Speed DCT gearbox is available. The Rear wheel 19-inch Y-spoke forged light-weight alloy wheels in a high-gloss black or optionally a matt gold. Tasked with contending with the brutal 4-second 0-100 sprint time and connecting the CS with the road are standard Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. The increased 280km/h limited Top Speed, via the M Drivers Package is now inclusive of the M2 CS specification.

The focus of weight reduction has necessitated the use of light-weight composite materials throughout the entirety of the vehicle and extensive changes to the standard model: through a moulded Carbon fibre roof, bonnet and new front aerodynamic splitter. Adaptive M Suspension and M Sport brakes are standard, and new ball joints and elastomeric bearings have been fitted to the axles, in addition to the forged wheel hubs and control arms. Carbon-ceramic brakes are optionally available and (when installed) result in a 25kg weight savings. Internally the CS continues to use extensive amounts of carbon on the centre console, door pulls and trim. Being an ‘M’ car, the headrest-mounted logos have been substituted with more fitting with ‘CS’ Clubsport nomenclature. The seats are leather, and Alcantara trimmed standard Competition Sport Seats.

2021 BMW M2 CS Pricing in South Africa

With 30 units coming to South Africa only 28 will be made available for sale via auction to the top 300 M customers. The bids will be places on preassembled vehicles optioned and spec’ed in either manual or auto, the choice of one of the four colours: Hockenheim Silver, Sapphire Black, Alpine White and Misano Blue will be available. The standard model asks a cool R1 million and change and the CS will likely sell for around R1.4 million with higher-optioned models demanding higher prices.

Six interesting facts about the DeLorean DMC-12.

Six interesting facts about the car from Back to the future.

1. The name of the car “DeLorean” is the last name of John DeLorean who owned the company that manufactured the car, DeLorean Motor Company.

2. Although DMC is an American company, the DeLorean DMC-12 was manufactured in Northern Ireland due to the fact that Northern Ireland Development Agency offered the company £100 Million toward the development of the car.

3. The DeLorean DMC-12 uses a 2.85-litre V6 engine by Peugeot-Renault-Volvo but it was originally intended to use a Wankel rotary motor.

4. All DeLorean DMC-12’s use a four wheel drive system and were said to handle very well.

5. The DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt whilst John DeLorean was charged with drug trafficking when the company was already experiencing financial troubles. Even though the charges were dropped, the scandal created bad press for the businessman and it was too late to revive the business’ reputation.

6. After the insolvency of the DeLorean Motor Company, there was an abundance of parts left over from the business, so a Texas-based company acquired the rights to the name DMC and all the parts. The new DMC now sells restored DeLorean DMC 12’s with original vin numbers on them. These cars are available on an order basis to clients.