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BMW X3M & X4M – They’ve Arrived.


After years of having to make do with warm versions of X3’s instead of a full-blown M Car, the BMW X3M andf X4M are finally here!

BMW X4M South Africa

The X4’s looks will always be polarizing, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that it’s hardly a sedate-looking thing. The X3M is handsome and well-proportioned and features all of the M goodies that you’d expect to find on a M-fettled version of the X3.

BMW X3M South Africa

Initially, both are being launched in Competition guise, something which makes marketing sense more than common sense, but what that means is that would-be buyers are going to have to make do with the full-blown 375 kW until the lesser, non-Competition cars make their appearance featuring 353 kW.

The source of all of this power is a newly-developed in-line six-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine. A peak torque figure of 600 Nm is available from just 2 600 RPM with maximum power generated at 6 250 RPM. The redline is at 7 200 RPM. The motor also features a forged crankshaft capable of withstanding extremely high torque levels. 0-100 km/h is done in just 4.1 seconds for the Competition and 4.2 seconds for the standard vehicle and top speeds of 285 km/h for the Competition and 280 km/h for the standard X3/X4 M.

BMW X3M Interior

The cylinder head core of the engine is manufactured using 3D printing, a process which allows the core to be much lighter while allowing coolant ducts to be routed in such a way so as to optimize temperature management. Again, focusing on temperature management, the indirect intercooler forms part of a low-temperature circuit, along with upgraded compressors and an electronically controlled, servo-actuated wastegate. The turbochargers feed compressed air into cylinders 1, 3, 4 and 6 and are both monoscroll units.

BMW X4M Rear

The engine features a central radiator, as well as another two radiators positioned either side of that. An additional engine oil cooler, as well as a transmission oil cooler also do duty in the advanced powerplant with elements such as oil supply being optimized for high-performance driving. As such, the weigh-minimised oil sumo features two chambers and an integrated suction channel. This ensures that the engine is sufficiently lubricated, regardless of the lateral forces experienced during enthusiastic/track driving.

BMW X4M Interior

Of course, an active-type sports exhaust features and also plays its part in reducing emissions. Power is fed to BMW’s M xDrive system which we first saw in the F90 M5, through an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission with Drivelogic and three shift modes.

BMW M Adaptive damping features as standard on both Competition and non-competition models which will allow for that dual-character nature BMW M Cars have come to represent.

BMW X3M & X4M in South Africa

The BMW X3/X4 M Competition will both arrive within the fourth quarter of 2019 with non-Competition models to follow at a later date. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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