Driven - Dec 2015

Advanced driving can help you during the holiday season.

Advanced driving: We attended the BMW Driving Experience to brush up on our skills.

The holiday season brings about many great things, family time, a relaxed atmosphere and of course for many, time spent behind the wheel. With many families utilising the motor vehicle as their primary use of transport to and from their holiday, this presents potential dangers on the road. The saying “there is power in numbers” can be altered to “there is danger in numbers” when it comes to cars.

As a result, being most alert, most sober and most rested can bring about positive results in your road trip experience. That is why participating in an advanced driving course is so important because alertness is essential when it comes to pre-empting a situation and taking the right steps to avoid it. With regards to soberness and being well rested, that is up to you as the driver. No amount of time spent on a track and a skid pan can increase common sense and respect for life when it comes to driving under the influence.

We recently attended the BMW Driving Experience, which is a comprehensive course meant to sharpen your skills as a driver and give you the practical knowledge of dealing with different scenarios. The course is a day long one which consists of track driving and skid pan activities which help a driver know the limits of a car. This is especially the case when it comes to the skid pan part because we all drive in different weather conditions. For instance, our cars can lose control in wet weather, and we need to know how to control the vehicle should that happen. The skid pan teaches you just that, how to deal with both understeer, over-steer and high-speed braking.

For a more visual representation of how the BMW Driving Experience is set up, take a look at the video below. We highly recommend any individual to attend such a course; the BMW course is educational, thought provoking and of course, fun.