- Aug 2015

Bilstein Nissan GTR-35 proves it’s all about core strength.

Modded Monday: Bilstein tuned Nissan GTR-35  proves that suspension is everything.

Anyone can impress people by stating the ridiculous power figures of their modified vehicles. At big race events like those hosted by ODI raceway, you will always hear claims of astronomical numbers, some of which may be true but as true as they can be, they may not be relevant. How would it not be relevant? you may ask, power is everything, right? Not entirely. The way a car uses it’s power is everything, putting the power down on the race track is what counts.

Last week we likened a car’s suspension to an athlete’s core, without good core strength, muscle is nothing. So the fact that a Bilstein world class Modular Damping System has been fitted on a 1200kW Nissan GTR-35, shows us that serious racers agree. This suspension system is fully adjustable in terms of ride height and bump and rebound, making sure that the car has immense grip from the start to finish. The 1200kW car in question is owned by Stelios Sissou, who completed the 1000 metre race with a speed of 337km/h at the famous ODI raceway last year and was the fastest man on the strip. The car has recently beat those figures this past Sunday with a speed of 346 km/h and a time of 18,35 seconds. This time was achieved after the car had the Bilstein MDS fitted and tweaked to the car’s characteristics, proving that suspension is king.

So if you’re new to tuning or exercising, makes sure you work that core, it can mean the difference between having a quick car and having a monster. Happy Modded Monday Motorists.