Driven - Nov 2015

The 411 on the new Honda NSX

What you need to know about the new Honda NSX.

The original Honda NSX was Honda’s first venture into performance engineering for road cars.  It was powered using the same VTEC technology that ran in the original McLaren-Honda F1 car.  The body, chassis and suspension were all manufactured in aluminium, the first of its kind. The shape and Cab-forward cockpit were inspired from an F-16 fighter jet. Further to this, a 3.0 litre V6 24 valve VTEC engine was dropped right in the middle of this lightweight machine, just like the F1 Car.

What made this vehicle extra special, though, was that before production the legendary one and only Ayrton Senna tested this car. He tweaked it to perfection, and at the end of his testing period, the chassis had been tightened by 50 percent. In the end, the Honda NSX was a road race machine with the approval of one of the best drivers to ever walk the earth.

And now, it is back. It seems fitting that just as McLaren and Honda have re-ignited their Legendary F1 Partnership, a new NSX is born.  This time it brings F1 inspired hybrid technology with three electric motors, one for each front wheel and a third to aid braking, gear shifting and acceleration.  These electric motors are assisting the main power pant, a mid-mounted Twin Turbo V6.  All in all, Honda claims over 550bhp with instantaneous torque. Sending drive to the wheels will be a new 9-speed dual clutch gearbox.

The chassis is very light, with a multi-material structure and has a very stiff carbon fibre floor. The vehicle also features four drive modes: Quiet – which can be driven using all-electric power for short distances, Sport & Sport + for a more positive vehicle and finally Track mode if you want to unleash the beast.

Honda’s goal for this vehicle is to have the excitement of the Ferrari 458 but for the price of a Porsche 911. This may seem like a tall order, but hopefully, they can pull it off.

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