Press - Jan 2020

2021 Toyota GR86/BRZ gains a new powerplant

As the approach of the end of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ’s lifecycle approaches more and information as to the replacement has surfaced. Firstly the Toyota Variant of the Sportscar will become the GR86 falling in line with the Gazoo Racing division and the onslaught of new models they keep creating. The BRZ having been done away for South Africa, it remains unknown is it will return.

Autocar reported power would come from a 2.4Litre Flat 4 Boxer but more recent reports suggest the 1.8Litre Boxer engine from the pre-production teased Levorg STI Sport Prototype will be a more likely candidate. Given the achilles heel of the of 2.0Litre Boxer which produces 147kW and 205Nm, a sports car that has a tough time keeping up with a 2.0Litre diesel saloon seems to be a difficult image to shake, given the 2.0Litre Supra’s recent introduction and how this fits into the picture.

Toyota has a tough time ahead of itself with the new model due to the previous model being an absolute tart to drive. Turbocharging should make this a 200kW plus car but given the baby Supra makes 190kw… this may be tricky.