Month: Apr 2015

Wheel Wednesday: BBS F1


Wheel Wednesday







If you own a high end sports car and are looking at individualising it, you might start off with the wheels. In this day and age its tough to find a wheel that will look better than let’s say you’re… Ferrari 458 Speciale. Manufacturers do a decent job at giving the customer a good choice in  rims for their specific cars nowadays. There is also the risk of making your car seem “cheap” by changing the wheels. Especially if you drive a very expensive super car, sort of like wearing a Tom Ford suit with a pair of Converse All Stars. Thinking about it, that could look quite neat depending on the event, but I’m just weird like that. Getting back on our topic, if you were to spend tons of cash on a different set of rims, perhaps consider the BBS F1 rims. I quite like these wheels, they are simple, yet stunning. Not too much detail but just enough to make you say “whoa! those look hot!”. I personally have seen a few exotics donning these wheels and my oh my did I bite my knuckles. In South Africa, this set will cost you around R80K so be ready to get asked questions by the missus after your purchase.  Happy Wheel Wednesday Motorists.BBS F1 2

Tech Tuesday: The new BMW 7 series

New BMW 7 Series

So to start off Tech Tuesday on the right note, we need a car that will revolutionise the industry with certain features that it will have. We think the winner this week is the new upcoming BMW 7 series. If you are in the business of selling arms or legs, this is the car for you. Already the current 7 series is not for the shallow pocketed so you can imagine what the next one will cost, especially with some of the features that the car will have.

Remote Control Parking: Yes you read right, the new BMW 7 series will have a feature that will allow you to park the car using a your key.

LCD Key: The new BMW 7 series will have an LCD screen on the key. A BMW insider tells me that it’s very I8 like and that things like fuel range will be available to see on the key.

Structure: The new 7 series is a big car, so you can imagine that you would feel the weight whilst driving it, apparently not. The upcoming BMW 7 series will have components made of Carbon fibre, this will make the car better dynamically and economically too.

We look forward to spending some time in this car when it arrives in South Africa, until then, start saving or start selling.

287 too much…

Most of us work hard, some even work really hard. There comes a period of time when we’ve had such a long week we can’t wait to sleep in, relax and catch up with our loved ones. It’s a special feeling when you don’t have to say anything but someone who cares about you knows when something is wrong. Sometimes they don’t have to say anything too, a simple hug, kiss or pat on the back reassures you that it’s going to be okay. We all need people like that in our lives, whether it’s our parents, spouses or children. Now let’s go back to that long week we all dread, you know the kind that makes you think it’s Thursday but it’s only Tuesday. The clock strikes 5:30 pm, you finish your second beer and you’re out the office. Only to get stuck in traffic for another hour.

My turbocharged first born, the new Audi TT.

Audi’s new fantastic little TT.

So I’ve decided I don’t want any children. Children can be cute, their laughter can bring great joy to you and those terrible drawings you stick on the fridge do instil some sort of pride in you as a parent. There are many benefits of having children but there are downsides too. Loud screams, snotty noses and temper tantrums being some of them. Did I mention the endless fatigue that comes with children? Even when they get slightly older, you always have to answer questions, play a game or solve a squabble, assuming you have more than one child. Weighing the pros and the cons, the cons seem to outweigh the pros. Bachelor life on the other hand is more simple. I enjoy more silence, I can read a book undisturbed, I can sleep in knowing my hunger is the only hunger that is important and the thing I love the most, is that I can spoil myself.

“What a selfish man” you must be thinking whilst reading this.

Meet Sam. He’s English.







As time passes and we keep growing, expansion needs to happen. So we’ve decided to do just that, by recruiting an Englishman, his name is Sam. Sam is an interesting man, he travels a lot, has access to supercars and takes pretty pictures. No really, it’s annoying, I’m jealous. Sam has another trick up his sleeve, he writes. If you don’t believe me, read the article below. Sam has experience in motorsport racing in the UK, so he should be able to provide us with some good technical information. When he’s not in England, he’s in Durban. When he’s not in Durban he’s in Cape Town. Tough life right? World meet Sam, Sam meet world. I’m sure we’ll all get along just fine.

Porsche Turbo S: S for Sensible?

One of the latest additions to Porsche’s armory is the new 911(991) Turbo S.  Still featuring the 3.6-liter Turbo power plant, the turbo S pushes out 412kw with 700Nm (750 Nm overboost) launching you to 100kph before you can count to 3. If you have ever felt your organs shift into the back of your body, then you might have some inclination of what it is like to ride in the Porsche turbo S. The power delivery to the 4wd system is superb and smooth, the gear changes feel like they never even happened.