Month: Feb 2015

Death of the manual gearbox

It’s an unexplainable feeling. When you’re on a track and approaching a bend, your engine at full chat and you doing the three peddle dance whilst slowing down. You then select the right gear, kiss the apex and mash the loud peddle before hunting the next gear. Unfortunately, most flappy paddle users these days will never know the joy of mastering an “H” pattern gearbox.

Volkswagen goes UP! with it’s new hatch

They often say less is more. In the case of Volkswagen South Africa’s new offering they can say down is up, or should I say UP! That’s the name of the new little vehicle that has hit the South African market and it’s the most entry level passenger car they have in their stable. Is it new? Yes and no. Yes it’s new to the local market but no it’s not new to the rest of the world, although it’s design looks stylishly new. The UP! around the world has been a success, it’s won awards and been given good reviews by important people. The important question is though, how will it do in our market which can be quite fickle at times?