Month: Nov 2014

Ken Block Gymkhana Seven

Ken Block spanks a Mustang in Gymkhana Seven

If the words Ken Block mean nothing to you, you’re not a car enthusiast. Really, get up and and go feel sorry for yourself in a corner, now! Remember when you were a kid and you would play with toy cars and spin them around “obstacle courses” made up of cereal boxes and hairbrushes? Ken Block remembers, because he replicates what we would see in our minds eye as kids with wild imaginations. The only difference is that Ken Block does it in real life, with an 800+hp 1965 Ford Mustang. An all wheel drive Mustang at that, one built especially for Kens shenanigans. You know your whip is packing heat when it can spin all four wheels in a standstill.

Is Ken Block human though? How is he able to perform stunts that only Vin Diesel can do in the Fast & Furious movies? No man! It actually annoys me that someone can be that good. Now imagine how old Tiff Needell and Chris Harris must feel? They are brilliant drivers but even then Ken makes them look like bunnies, not even rabbits, bunnies! There actually is a clip on the net with Chris Harris in Ken’s Mustang in the passenger seat and he is wetting himself at the sheer power that this thing has. And then he goes and spanks it around Hollywood like a naughty three year old? My word, I’m in awe. Ladies and gentlemen let me bid you farewell and leave you with this masterpiece by Ken Block, called Gymkhana seven.

When Mercedes Benz meets tree


Saturday morning walks are my thing. I like that stuff, but this Saturday was different to most. For instance, where I like to walk there are beautiful trees and things, you know, nature stuff. The last thing I thought I would bump into is a slightly injured and abandoned brand new Mercedes C Class. Slightly injured being an under-exaggeration, this car was wrecked.

Scared of driving fast in the rain? Watch this Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta!

Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta driven hard, top down, in the rain!

So firstly we would like to make it clear that we do not condone driving fast in wet weather, or driving fast on public roads at all. There are moments though that call for a bit of hooning around, for instance when you have a closed road to yourself. Journalist Jethro Bovingdon from Evo magazine had just that when he test drove the new Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta, the convertible version of the Ferrari 458 Speciale. Like any petrol-head who has the opportunity to, he drove this car very confidently in the pouring rain…with the roof down too! We at TheMotorist must say Mr.Bovingdon, a brave man you are! For that we salute you. Enjoy!

BMW M235i drift lesson by Chris Harris

By now we all know the “king of drift” in the journalism world is Chris Harris from the Drive channel. Many people are enthralled by the art of drifting. It looks easy but there’s more to it than merely turning a rear wheel drive car into a bend, saying your favourite catch phrase and voila you’re the star of Jozi drift. So watch Chris show us how to do a BMW M235i drift in style.

2014 BMW Polo Series

On a very hot Sunday afternoon, I was transported back in time to the Gatsby era. This is mainly due to the dapper outfits that were donned by guests at the 2014 BMW international Polo series. Every year now BMW hosts this event at the Waterfall Equestrian estate in Kyalami and I must say, what a lovely event it was. As you know us Joburgers like to be fancy, so given the opportunity to do so, we will make sure that cocktail dresses and panama hats are not left behind.

TheMotorist reviews the new BMW X4

In the world of compact SUV’s, to say that a consumer is spoiled for choice would be an understatement. Years ago car manufacturers realised that the normal SUV was found to be cumbersome for some buyers, some felt nervous to drive something so “big” so they rather opted for a sedan or an MPV. This left a gap open for a smaller sized SUV that would share many characteristics of a normal SUV and even perform like one(even though most SUV’s only climb pavements).

TheMotorist reviews the new BMW M3

It’s a pity we’re not a more established online magazine, the reason why I say that is because currently we are hulk green with jealousy because of all the BMW M4 reviews that are happening. If we were more established we would have confidently gone to BMW South Africa and said “keys please!”  Without hesitation they would have handed us the keys to a Yas Marina new Blue M3 and an Austin Yellow M4, with full tanks of petrol of course and their blessing to return the car with baby smooth rear tires. At least that’s how it goes in my mind, but since I’m not Jeremy Clarkson or Chris Harris it will be a long time until that happens.

TheMotorist reviews the new Mercedes Benz C-Class

We are in the new Mercedes Benz C250 AMG today. And I could have sworn that when Mercedes showed us the car that we were meant to drive, I nearly said, “Mate we asked for a C class not a S class”, until I looked to my left and saw a bigger version of the car that I was looking at. Then it dawned on me that this is what people meant when they said this car is the “baby S”