- Nov 2014

2014 BMW Polo Series

On a very hot Sunday afternoon, I was transported back in time to the Gatsby era. This is mainly due to the dapper outfits that were donned by guests at the 2014 BMW international Polo series. Every year now BMW hosts this event at the Waterfall Equestrian estate in Kyalami and I must say, what a lovely event it was. As you know us Joburgers like to be fancy, so given the opportunity to do so, we will make sure that cocktail dresses and panama hats are not left behind.

Forget the clothing though, let’s talk about the cars. This was a BMW event so needless to say the Bavarians were dominant, although rivals such as Mercedes Benz and Audi had a presence too. Of course if you really want to stand out then you will leave your humble 6 series at home and step into or rather onto your prancing horse or perhaps even your aggressive bull. You can then scream your way into the VVIP parking and then proceed to the marquee where you can catch up with old friends and discuss why you prefer the south of France to the Swiss Alps. This is no exaggeration, even I felt somewhat intimidated despite piloting a lovely BMW 435i Cabriolet. It was evident, the big boys were out to play.

One can understand why BMW has it this way, the brand is about lifestyle so if you want to keep your customers happy you have to give them what they’re accustomed to. On top of that, if you want to seduce a customer to buy a premium BMW, JC Le Roux won’t cut it. Speaking of BMW premium, the M Cavalry was in town too. An M3, M4 and M5 were driving around making lovely noises as well as a variety of convertibles and the new baby to the stable, the X4. So the German eye candy was in abundance for ogling customers to look at.

The game you ask? Oh I forgot why we were all there, the polo. Well South Africa played England, the teams were both great and South Africa came out victorious in the end. The horses looked nice too.