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Has the champ returned? BMW’s new 5 Series is imminent.

It’s quite scary to think that the current F10 5 Series has been with us for more than five years now. Many can’t argue with the fact that this iteration of the car was regarded amongst the best in its class. In fact, it took the competition some years to build cars that bettered the current 5 Series and as a result, we’ve started to forget about the gem. That will change soon enough as BMW is about to launch the latest 5 Series (named the G30) into the South African market. We don’t have all the nitty gritty’s at the moment but what we can divulge is this:

Completely new design:

Looking at the press images from BMW, it’s safe to say that the G30 looks like a baby 7 Series. Is this a bad thing? If the 7 were not a looker maybe, but since the 7 looks great than no, it’s not a bad thing at all. The front end looks wider, bolder and fuller compared to the outgoing car whereas the rear has a much sleeker design to it. BMW have been infamous for their controversial designs of previous 5 Series models, such as the E60, but it seems they went the safer route this time. The new car is slightly larger too,  so tall people can enjoy the rear even more. Another shared design element with the 7 Series is the active shutters behind the kidney grille of the car. This makes the car more efficient as the car can cut a cleaner line through the air when the shutters are closed. The G30 is also up to 100kg lighter than the F10 depending on the specification of the car.


Inside the G30 we see a completely new cabin that is elegant and luxurious. A large infotainment screen centralises the design creating an appealing look. Of course the car is going to be filled with lots of technology through the use of apps, as we’ve seen in most modern BMW’s. Word on the street is that we can look forward to BMW’s touch control system and the latest iteration of  iDrive. Semi autonomous driving aids are also said to be present in the new 5 Series, something we’ve experienced in the 7 Series.  If those systems are anything like the ones offered in the 7 Series, BMW would’ve done a good job.



In the overseas market, certain models of the new 5 Series are available with xDrive, making them more grippy and confidence inspiring on the road. An exciting model offered abroad is the M550i xDrive, which has the 4.4 litre Bi Turbocharged V8 engine. With xDrive equipped in this model, it is sure to be a monster.

Engines to be offered:

Overseas the G30 5 Series is available as a 530i, 540i, 530e, 520d, 530d and M550i xDrive. As mentioned we aren’t sure what models will be gracing South African soil but we eagerly await this car. Has the champ returned? Only time will tell.



TheMotorist digital magazine – Edition 05

Edition 05 of TheMotorist digital magazine is here!

Our latest digital magazine has arrived. This month we have great motoring  content for our readers, including a driven feature on the BMW M4 GTS.You can access and subscribe to the digital magazine at this link:

Have a great read Motorists!



Mitsubishi Pajero Legend II

Often, one will misread a situation or underestimate a task to be undertaken, but such foolishness very seldom results in a catastrophe. That is, unless you think it wise to ask a fashion blogger to accompany you on the launch of Mitsubishi’s limited-run Pajero Legend II.

The launch in question consisted of a calm freeway drive to an off-road course, followed by a competitive morning of extreme-ish off-roading which all demonstrated the Pajero’s adaptability, highlighting its multifaceted appeal and renowned duality.

New for 2016, the Legend II sports R50 000 worth of extras as part of the R759 900 purchase price, options which include a heavy-duty protection plate below the engine, another below the gearbox assembly and heavy duty rock sliders on the LWB model. Yokohama Geolander dual-purpose tyres are also fitted. A heavy duty Bosal tow bar, Pajero stamped chrome nudge bar and keyless entry, Garmin nüviCam and a full set of rubber mats all form part of the Legend II package. All of this is supplemented with a 3-year/100 000kms mechanical warranty, as well as a 5-year/100 00kms maintenance plan.

Mitsubishi’s tried and tested 3.2 DI-D turbo-diesel motor does duty here, offering up 140kW and 441Nm from just 2 000 rpm. This motor can also run on 500ppm diesel which makes for unhindered traversing in climates with lower quality diesel. This motor is impressive in its refinement and returned an impressive 9l/100km on our trip to and from the off-road venue.Mitsubishi’s Super-Select II 4WD system is standard as would be expected, offering a wide range of locking diffs, everything you’d need to tackle a mountain or pavement which was proven to us during our stint off-road. This is where the Pajero impressed most.

Creature comforts and interior refinement are remarkable for this sort of vehicle, be it on or off the beaten track. This was highlighted by the fact that my fashion conscious co-pilot felt tempted to name the Pajero in a jiffy, despite its bold looks and brutish nature. The only glaring criticism I had of the Pajero was its reluctance to get going under heavy acceleration, during an overtaking manoeuvre for instance, but then again, it’s hardly a sports car, is it?

Without laying too much blame on my lovely navigator, no level of driving prowess can prepare you for hand gestures while blindfolded and her all-important Snapchat story on a 30° incline, but all that this demonstrated was the Pajero’s jaw-dropping capability and ability to turn the most inexperienced off-roaders into Dakar champions in five seconds flat. All this while still being able to get us home in pure luxury and comfort!

Did we win? No. Did we get last place prizes in the form of snazzy braai kits? Of course.


Mercedes-Benz/ Mercedes-AMG Zwartkops Launch

Eight months into 2016 and Mercedes-Benz, along with their newly named ‘Mercedes-AMG’ division continue their new-car onslaught, this time with a slew of trendy and rapid two-doors. A delightful event was recently held at Zwartkops raceway where journalists were given the chance to sample Stuttgart’s newest sportscars.


Mercedes-Benz recently decided to throw the entire alphabet at its range, the latest victim being the SLK, now known as the SLC. Despite its drastic name change, only the eagle eyed will be able to spot its rounded new face and snazzy grille, this is still the SLK your hairdresser knows and loves. Sort of. At R680 000, the SLC200 is the base model and serves up 135kW and 300Nm from its 2.0 litre 4-pot turbo. This is the same engine doing service in the mid-range SLC300, albeit with 180kW and 370Nm. Gone is the potent V8 of yore, replaced by a more modern 3.0 biturbo V6 dishing out 270kW and 520Nm, ensuring a 0-100km/h dash of just 4.7 seconds. This has been dubbed the SLC43 and will be the first of the ‘43’ AMG’s to hit our shores at a little less than R990 000. How exciting?



Updated SL
Since 1954, the SL has arguably been the last word in uncompromised grand touring and this is something that shines through brighter than ever in the updated SL. Similar to the SLC43’s biturbo V6, the unit propelling the SL400 appears here in 270kW and 500Nm guise and is more than enough to displace your wig with prices starting from R1 440 743. With its silky smooth 9-speed auto, 700Nm of torque and a classic V8 burble to match the SL’s silhouette, the SL500 makes short work of beach promenades and Clifton driveways. The range spans all the way to the SL65 with a tyre-eating 1000Nm of torque – that is, if you have R3.2 million lying around.



C63 & C63 S Coupe

With 350kW and 650Nm at the mercy of your right foot, the Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S Coupe are the bahn stormers BMW’s M4 has been dreading. An AMG rumble and balanced chassis adds to what is already a competent coupe, now with extra grrrrr and a price to match it’s pace – R1 268 700 for the C63 and R1 382 000 for the C63 S Coupe. The C63 Convertible joins the rest of the range later in 2016.



New Volvo S60 Polestar coming, even more power!

Smaller engine, more power, better fuel economy.

A few months ago we drove the fiery Volvo S60 Polestar. This car’s throaty 3.0 litre in line six cylinder engine produces 258kW and definitely added excitement to the quite serious S60 range. Only 28 of these cars came to South Africa and were all accounted for, but now there’s a new version on the way…


Less is more:

The new Polestar makes 270kW from Volvo’s 2.0 litre four cylinder Drive-E engine, to add to that, a whopping 470Nm will propel you from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds. Not bad for a car driven by many accountants. That’s the thing about the Polestar products, they have managed to create a “boy racer” feel to these cars, which can potentially open them up to a younger audience. People want individuality nowadays and the niche Polestar brand is doing Volvo a great service by providing just that.


Twin Charged monster:

The 2.0 litre Drive-E engine has both a turbocharger and a supercharger installed, so the car will be boosting strong with minimal lag. Power will go to all four wheels through an eight speed automatic gearbox, ensuring great grip and quick shifts. Volvo’s priority is still safety and this can be seen through the setup of the current Polestar, which is very easy to drive in extreme conditions. Needless to say that the upcoming one should be the same. A smaller engine for the new S60 Polestar also means less weight for the new car (24 kg’s to be exact). This also means that the car will be better on fuel with a claimed combined cycle of 7.8 litres/100km’s which is very good for a performance car.

So less is definitely more with the new Volvo S60 Polestar, let’s hope it will be as nice to drive as the car we drove not so long ago. Most likely all 32 units coming to South Africa are also all sold already, if not, jump on one before it’s too late.