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Aston Martin DBX unveiled in South Africa

Aston Martin DBX unveiled in South Africa

Aston Martin DBX revealed in South Africa

Aston Martin South Africa has used the opportunity to reveal its brand new 1,217m² Melrose Arch premises to coincided the reveal of DBX – Aston Martins First SUV. With the support and collative investment from the Daytona group, The New facility serves to highlight the brand’s commitment to the South African Market with the new facility spanning two floors, with a premium lounge feel that exists to simplify and modernise the purchasing experience, boasting a 9-car display and room for both new models and the Aston Approved Timeless programme.

Aston Martin Regional President SA and the UK Philip Eaglesfield said: “As a business, we are working to future proof our business structure and part of that is responding to the growing emphasis on experiential luxury. When we refreshed the Company’s Corporate Identity in 2018, we wanted to ensure that customers could access a relaxed but sophisticated environment. The development in Johannesburg has achieved our brand vision of providing a space to explore and connect with the brand, but remains unique, relevant to the market in South Africa and instantly recognisable in its own right.”

2020 ASTON MARTIN DBX In South Africa

The DBX’s reveal showcased the first interactive experience for the South African market and allowed for a pre-production model “hands-on” experience. Showcasing the new model’s dynamics and uncovered a tantalising Stratus White Pearlescent Paint scheme that in an almost pageantry nature, which exhibits the sheer mass of the DBX and how it comes together beautifully to hide this. an unmistakably Aston Shark-like nose with signature grill heritage is carried through and the lines make the car sleek. The size is very well hidden and the low roofline creates a large SUV coupe feel towards the rear quarter and the line slopes into the ducktail-like Vantage like the rear. In the Flesh, the DBX is a terribly beautiful alternative to the typical premium SUV. It fees a touch smaller than the likes of Cayenne Coupe or Audi’s Q8

The interior is well-appointed with similar ultra-luxury feels shining through. Plush feeling materials, Leather trimmings, and uber comfy seats feel well designed for both support and comfort. Rear space and light are well catered for and there’s clear thought put into the rear given the SUV focus. The Mercedes Benz Collaboration is not limited to the engine with the 10-inch TFT drivers display and the 12.3-inch Touchscreen infotainment lifted from the Germans. A panoramic sunroof is standard and the frameless doors combine with the space to make it feel less confined. Littering’s of exposed naked carbon are everywhere and hint to the sporting heritage that the Aston Martin name holds.

Dynamically DBX is driven by Mercedes AMG derived 4.0 Litre Bi-turbo V8 producing 405kWs and a laughable 800Nm, enough for a Zero- 100 time of 4.5Seconds and a top speed of 291km/h. Despite the 2.2-ton weight, DBX managed a sub 8 second time around the Green Hell.

Aston Martin DBX Pricing in South Africa

Prices start at R3.6 million and orders have begun with the first deliveries due in March of 2020.